Free Software : Process Tamer - No More High CPU Load

To speed up the computer's loading process, We may only focus on utilities that can maximize the use of RAM without paying too much attention to the CPU process. The CPU process that also affects the computer response and the loading process.

Even if you have a big amount of RAM installed in your computer, When a CPU process-consuming like the process of Windows Desktop Manager service (to enable themes) or the Windows idle process; The process we can't stop but greatly affects the CPU process, Our computer will become slower in response and most of the time got lagged.

Process Tamer will solve this problem by identifying such these degenerate conditions and temporarily reducing the priority of the offending processes in order to allow your system to respond to other requests. Stop being a victim to an overloaded cpu – let Process Tamer keeps your system responsive no matter what you’re doing.

You’ll see a balloon tooltip in your system tray whenever Process Tamer adjusts or restores the priority of an application, so you’ll always know what it’s doing and why.

The new version 2 release includes a new separate standalone configuration tool which lets easily setup exclusion rules, manually adjust process priorites, and more, without affecting the efficiency and resource use of the resident system tray tool.

Download Process Tamer For Free : Process Tamer V2.11.01