SEO Blogger : Optimize Keywords In A Blog As You Write

When we begin to write a new post, The first thing on mind will be the words that SEO optimized for the post title. We probably will think about several familiar words that related to the post topic.

With SEO Blogger you don't have to think that hard trying to figure out the right words for your title / content.

This application answers your need to help you find the most searched phrases without leaving the editor screen. By using the most searched words for post title or content, Chances of being indexed with higher rank in search engine will be greater.

SEO Blogger is a light tool that works as a Firefox  plugin. It will be sitting alongside as you write your post. Whilst you are writing, You can do a keyword research to optimize your post.

I was trying to use "post title" in the beginning. But when SEO Blogger searched for related words, The tool found "topic title" has most clicks in the search results.

Many different related phrases will be in the search result. You can use them in the sub-heading or as the image alt. Your chosen keywords are added to the bottom corner of the tool and will be counted for how many times they are used.

SEO Blogger will give you much of variations for SEO optimized words. This will avoid exact phrases if you get the link from another source.

To download this plugin, Please click the below download button :

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